Hydra8 BCAA; Sparta Nutrition
Hydra8 BCAA; Sparta Nutrition

Hydra8 BCAA; Sparta Nutrition

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Spartan BCAA: Research Backed BCAA & EAA Intra-Workout. Spartan BCAA is the industry’s first branched-chain amino acid supplement to bring forward the patented AMINO9™ Essential Amino Acid mix. While BCAA’s help “turn on” protein synthesis, you need all of the essential amino acids present to build muscle tissue. Spartan BCAA, unlike other amino acid drinks, includes both BCAA’s and EAA’s. By combining the muscle protein synthesis triggering effects of BCAA’s with AMINO9™, Spartan BCAA offers a complete muscle building experience. SUPERIOR BCAA & EAA MIX* INDUSTRY FIRST: AMINO9™ ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS* PERFECT INTRA & POST WORKOUT RECOVERY DRINK* IMPROVED MUSCLE GAINS & ENDURANCE* UNIQUE FLAVORS AND AMAZING TASTE*