CONTRIVED Performance Training Facility


Weight Loss 101

Weight Loss 101 is a class strategically built for beginners to lose weight, build endurance & strength. This class will use functional movements to build strength and endurance for more advanced work out routines in the future. While also dropping fat and building muscle. If your just not sure where to start or feel uncomfortable in the gym on your own, join this class with others in the same position who ready to make a change. 

Be Fit Training 

Be Fit is a type of cross training. Used to hit hypertrophy and burn fat. Training involves high intensity functional training mixed with strength training. Used to increase mobility, muscle endurance, power and strength. If your training for sports, physical training/performance tests, or overall fitness this class will push you. Each move can be modified to your personal level but intensity is an essential for results. 

Tighten & Tone

If your interested in tightening and toning the body this class focuses on free weight training to sculpt and build the muscles throughout the body. Each day training specific muscle groups while also teaching you correct form, new workout routines you can use with confidence in the gym, and building muscle mass while burning fat. Training includes use of dumbbells, barbells, and resistance training for high reps in medium weight building overall strength, building muscle, and cutting inches.  


Strength Training

Strength training is for those who's main goal is to increase strength and muscle mass. Support gear is highly recommended because you will be lifting heavy and pushing limits. Training focuses on building the muscle groups. You will be pushed for max reps and max weight while training the body. This class is also good for  training for powerlifting competitions or those just tired of being small. 


Strong Man

Strong Man & Strong Woman training is functional strength training. Based on primal movements such a push & pull, bend, lunge, twist, loading, pick up & put down. You will train with awkward equipment such as atlus stones, tires, yokes, logs, kegs, husacross, large farmer carries, and more. Creating brute strength based on the real world. Come be part of team or train for fun or competitions. Support gear is nearly a must but highly recommended. 


Competitive Youth MMA

Our Youth MMA Team, Cobra BJJ, participates in local tournaments 4-6 times a year. Including one out of state tournament a year. Head coach is Teagan Dooley along with Stephanie Geltmacher and Brand Wright. All professional athletes within the Mixed Martial Arts Sport, investing into our youth what their journey and passion has taught them. Competitive Youth includes Gi & No Gi BJJ & Boxing along with Strength & Conditioning. Which is why they stand apart from the normal youth MMA teachings out there. 


Youth Sports Performance

For ages 6-17, we offer sports performance classes which focus on overall strength and endurance, along with agility and focus to enhance all athletes to perform at their best levels. Customized sports training can be arranged for teams of at least 10 participants or we offer youth sport specific personal training. 


Youth Boxing

Youth boxing is a great way to add cardiovascular workouts in a fun way while improving self defense skills. Youth boxing teaches basic skills & technique such as; stance, guard, movement, jab, cross, hook, to improve strength & increase endurance. Youth boxing will include cardio calisthenics, shadow boxing, bag work, partner drills, pad work, and core strengthening exercise. Building self-confidence & esteem while keeping them fit. 


1010 Garth Brooks Blvd, Yukon, OK

Hours 5:15 AM to 9:00 PM


Personal & Small Group Training Facility