Sponsored Athletes


Muscle Supplements is interested in helping elite athletes reach their every day goals. Have you been putting in the hard work and dedication to being the best in your sport of choose and seeking to be a sponsored athlete? If you are winning your competitions, active on social media with a positive character and promoting fitness to your large group of followers, and using supplements to support your lifestyle and goals, you may be what we are looking for. 



  • Must be a current customer.
  • Must be an active user of social media, minimal Instagram & Facebook
  • Must have a respectable history and future in your current sport



One Sponsored Athlete will be chosen each year to be added to our team and fully supported by our top rated brands. 

Other sponsorships such as our ambassador programs have different levels from bronze to platinum that allows you as a trainer or fitness influencer to give your followers discounts on the best brands at the best prices while you also earn credits toward your own purchases. 


We like to use the word team. Both parties supporting each others goals and future. We want to help promote you as much as we want you to promote us.But first we need to make sure we would be proud to do that for each other. That is why we require all sponsored athletes to be current customers. We want you to stand behind our products and services. We also need the opportunity to know more about you. Since our time at the shop is dedicated to our customers all interested parties must start by emailing Please provide a brief summary of who you are and why you want to be a sponsored athlete, you must include your social media account names for us to view. Due to the amount overwhelming amount of requests, responses can take up to 30 days. Muscle Supplements does not offer monetary sponsorships and each sponsorship is tailored for that individual and supported by monthly/yearly signed agreements.